North Wales - braved claw hammer attack to catch murder suspect

PC David Hall and PC Rhys Rushby

PC David Hall and PC Rhys Rushby

Two PCs from North Wales have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award after catching a murder suspect.

The force had been searching for a man wanted for a violent murder. Caution was needed, as there was intelligence that he had a handgun and wanted to kill police officers.

PCs David Hall and Rhys Rushby approached a vehicle that was suspected of being stolen, when PC Hall spotted a man hiding himself in the back, wearing a hood and covering himself with blankets. PC Hall opened the rear door, taking hold of the man and recognised him as the person wanted for murder. The suspect attacked PC Hall with a claw hammer, striking him on the shoulder and several times on his forearms and hands.

PC Rushby captor sprayed the man as PC Hall tried to take the hammer and wrestled with the offender. The wanted man managed to take hold of the officer’s Taser but PC Rushby managed to grab it back.

The offender was biting and punching the officers, so PC Rushby wrapped a blanket around his head to stop him biting more. The man screamed that he had a gun and was going to shoot and kill officers, before thrusting an unknown six inch object underneath PC Rushby’s throat.

PC Hall used the Taser on the man, but due to his clothing it was ineffective. The suspect broke the wires and continued to assault both officers, screaming that he would shoot them. Bravely PC Hall re-loaded and successfully used his Taser. PC Rushby quickly placed a cuff onto the offender’s right wrist and pulled him out of the car before handcuffing him fully.

The man was arrested on suspicion of assault, murder, robbery and burglary. The object he had been holding underneath PC Rushby’s neck was a nine inch kitchen knife.
The officers showed incredible courage, with no thought for their own safety.