Met 1 - PC dies saving Westminster from terrorist attack

PC Keith Palmer GM

PC Keith Palmer

PC Keith Palmer GM has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award for his bravery and courage in facing a terrorist attack that sadly resulted in his death.

It was a normal day at Westminster, with tourists bustling outside the gates and politicians going about their business inside the House of Commons.

PC Keith Palmer was on duty at Carriage Gate at the Palace of Westminster, when there was a loud bang and people started screaming. A terrorist had driven into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, injuring and killing innocent people, before crashing his vehicle and running into the terrified crowds. Petrified members of the public were running away, passing where PC Palmer was on duty. A police witness heard a woman shout “a man stabbing people!”

Hearing the commotion and screaming coming from Westminster Bridge, unarmed PC Palmer immediately ran towards the noise, stepping forward with no thought for his own life. He began closing the gates, intent on protecting those within Parliament. But as he was doing his job he was attacked by the terrorist and brutally attacked with a knife, before stumbling backwards and falling.

His attacker’s attention was momentarily diverted to the other officers who were moving forward, giving PC Palmer the chance to move back a short distance, where he sadly fell and succumbed to his injuries.

PC Palmer’s quick thinking and heroic actions gave reaction time for armed and unarmed colleagues to respond to the terrorist, preventing further murders and significant injuries.  PC Palmer showed outstanding bravery and selflessness in defending Parliament, ultimately sacrificing his life to protect others.