Humberside - saved vulnerable residents from flat fire

PC Peter Bore PC Neil Counter PC Rhys Grover Sergeant John Rickells PC Richard Williams

PC Peter Bore and PC Neil Counter (Top), PC Rhys Grover and Sergeant John Rickells (Middle), PC Richard Williams (Bottom)

Five brave officers who risked their lives in a burning building to save vulnerable residents, have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

PCs Neil Counter and Richard Williams were first on the scene of the blaze and tried to enter the burning building, suspecting that people were trapped inside. The officers were beaten back by ferocious flames at the doorway and pulled away by PCs Peter Bore and Rhys Grover who saw the danger they were in. They moved the officers to safety just before the roof collapsed.

Despite suffering effects from the smoke, all four officers then began to evacuate the residents of the surrounding flats. This was made even more difficult as many of them were elderly or suffering from learning difficulties.  The officers managed to successfully evacuate all the surrounding residents and first aid was given to those who needed it.

The brave actions and quick thinking of the officers prevented any serious injury to the other residents of the flats.