Hants - stopped violent offender who stabbed two officers

PC Jack Alexander  PC Mark Allison PC Jonny Garland

PC Jack Alexander, PC Mark Allison and PC Jonny Garland

Three Hampshire officers who stopped a violent offender, despite two of them suffering injuries caused by severe stab wounds, have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

Last summer PCs Jack Alexander, Mark Allison and Jonny Garland arrived at the home of a man suspected of domestic violence, planning to arrest him.

When they arrived the suspect refused to answer the door, prompting the officers to force it open. The suspect came out of the house with a large butcher’s knife and began to slash and stab towards the officers. Within seconds PC Allison was stabbed to the bone in his left shoulder, causing a significant injury which needed 12 stitches.

He then slashed the hand of PC Alexander – an injury that required 17 stitches. However, despite their injuries both officers carried on helping their colleagues throughout the violent and frenzied knife attack. Even when it became apparent how dangerous the situation was, the officers stood their ground and helped each other.

After stabbing two officers the offender then attempted to stab the others, including one in the back of the head.

PC Alexander's hand wound with stitches and the knife

PC Alexander's hand wound with stitches and the knife

Instinctively PC Garland raised his Taser, fired and incapacitated the offender. Without doubt he saved the other officers from serious injury and probably death. All of this happened in seven seconds.

The officers’ reactions were exemplary and demonstrated exceptional bravery in a fast moving hostile situation. In the case of PC Garland his calm and measured response saved the lives of his colleagues.