Durham - confronted dangerous driver

Inspector Edward Turner

Inspector Edward Turner

A Durham police Inspector who braved a dangerous driver to help a victim of a road traffic collision has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

Off duty officer, Inspector Edward Turner was travelling with his wife and two children, when he saw a seriously injured man being tended to by a member of the public in the road. Realising that this was a serious traffic collision, Inspector Turner blocked oncoming traffic with his car and asked his wife (who is a nurse) to help give first aid.

After directing members of the public to help with traffic control and speaking with an emergency services operator, he saw a car driving towards him from the direction of the road closure. Inspector Turner stood in the middle of the road and raised his hand up and shouted for the car to stop as the road was closed. The driver slowed and momentarily paused, with the bumper of the vehicle resting at Inspector Turner’s legs.

He again identified himself as a police officer, indicated that the road was closed and advised the driver not to drive through the scene. However, he accelerated forward, flinging Inspector Turner onto the car bonnet. While the vehicle was still moving, he rolled from the bonnet and positioned himself alongside the driver’s side, shouting at the driver to stop. The man refused so the officer reached inside the vehicle to grab his hand from the steering wheel.

When that failed, he grabbed hold of the seatbelt to stop the driver, who continued onto a grassed area, forcing Inspector Turner to let go and injuring his hand. If he had not let go, he would have been dragged along by the vehicle, risking significant injury.

The driver was later traced, interviewed and charged with a number of offences. Inspector Turner’s bravery and quick thinking no doubt prevented a more dangerous situation.