Bravery Awards 2017

The Police Bravery Awards are presented every year to honour police officers who have performed outstanding acts of bravery while on or off duty.

Here are the nominations and winners for the 2017 Bravery Awards which took place on 13 July. 

The overall winners were PCs Currie and Otterson and Sgt Richardson from Northumbria - Northumbria trio overall winners of Police Bravery Awards


Force areas Winners

Region 1

North west

Cheshire - saved man's life

Cumbria - saved man's life

GMP - tackled man with firearm

Lancs - saved woman from attacker

Merseyside - tackled armed man

GMP officer who tackled gunman wins regional bravery award

Region 2

North east

Cleveland - aided stabbing victims

Durham - burning house rescue

Humberside - apprehended fugitive

Northumbria - confronted armed man

North Yorks - fended off knive-wielding women

South Yorks - confronted axe-wielding man

West Yorks - arrested murderer of MP Jo Cox

Northumbria officers win regional bravery award after stopping gunman


Northumbria trio overall winners of Police Bravery Awards

Region 3


Staffordshire - no nomination

West Mercia - tackled petrol-doused man

West Mids - chased armed robbers

Warwicks - saved suicidal man

West Midlands officers win regional bravery award after armed robbery

Region 4


Cambs - stopped suicial man

Derbs - burning flat rescue

Leics - burning flat rescue

Lincs - tried to foil armed robbery

Notts - saved suicidal man

Norfolk - saved suicidal girl

Northants - stopped man stabbing himself

Suffolk - chased armed man

Lincolnshire officers pick up regional bravery award

Region 5

South east

Beds - detained woman making threats to kill

Essex - intervened in attack in Israel

Hants - sea rescue

Herts - thwarted knifeman

Kent - attempted to stop vehicle

Thames Valley - no nomination

Surrey - river rescue

Sussex - detained armed man

Regional award for Essex officer who saved man’s life on holiday

Region 6

South west

Avon and Somerset - saved suicidal man

Devon and Cornwall - confronted armed man

Dorset - river rescue

Glos - stopped suicidal woman

Wilts - saved co-pilot from wreckage

Award for Devon & Cornwall cops who stopped chainsaw-wielding man

Region 7


Dyfed Powys - saved drowning boy

Gwent - saved victim of violent attack

North Wales - chased armed knifeman

South Wales - saved woman's life

River rescue earns Dyfed-Powys officer bravery award

Region 8


City of London - no nomination

Met 1 - confronted terror suspect

Met 2 - tackled knifeman

Met 3 - saved child from frozen pond

Officers who thwarted a terror suspect named London’s bravest