North Wales - chased armed knifeman

PC Stephen Hooper

PC Stephen Hooper

A North Wales police officer has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award after he chased down a man who was armed with a knife

At about 8pm on 24 March 2016, PC Stephen Hooper, was in his car and off duty when he spotted an agitated man inside a store in Prestatyn, Denbighshire. The man was ushered out of the store by a second man and PC Hooper observed the first man holding a large knife and climbing into a taxi.

PC Hooper identified himself as a police officer and asked the driver to call the police. He instructed the man to hand over the knife and gave chase when the suspect made a run for it. After initially denying that he had a knife, the man punched PC Hooper in the face and adopted a boxing stance. PC Hooper grappled with him until response officers arrived and the man was arrested. A search was undertaken with the assistance of the dog unit and a five and a half inch bladed knife was found nearby. PC Hooper suffered cuts and grazes to his face and hands.

His Sergeant, Mark Jones said: “PC Hooper made the choice to tackle this man despite not knowing where the knife was – he put the safety of others before his own. He was off duty without protective equipment but still got involved. He has taken another knife off the streets that could have caused untold damage. This action displays true courage and resolve.”

Simon Newport, Chair of North Wales Police Federation, said:  “The courage and determination shown by PC Hooper is deserving of the highest praise.  He put others before himself and ran after danger.  This is a very worthy nomination for this prestigious award.”

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