Dorset - river rescue

From left: PC Cleal, PC Dredge and PC Young

From left: PC Cleal, PC Dredge and PC Young

A trio of Dorset police officers have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award after rescuing a suicidal woman from the sea.

On 9 September 2016, PCs Simon Young, Paul Cleal and Zachary Dredge were alerted to a woman who had run out of her house and waded in to the sea at night in a determined bid to kill herself. The three officers entered the water and were directed by a member of the public who had also got in and was waist deep. Due to the time of night it was very dark and there was limited visibility. The officers swam out to the woman and took hold of her arms. She said on approach, "leave me alone, I just want to die”. They swam the woman back to shore, after turning her over onto her back.

An ambulance was called but no ETA was given so the officers took the woman to Poole Hospital themselves.

Tony Tester, Chair of Dorset Police Federation said: “The actions of these officers were exemplary and they are deserving of a national Police Bravery Award.  To wade into the sea in pitch darkness and bring the woman to safety took courage, something they took in their stride without a second thought.”

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