Devon and Cornwall - confronted armed man

PC Moore (left) and PC Wood

PC Moore (left) and PC Wood

Two Devon and Cornwall officers who confronted a chainsaw-wielding man have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

On 29 July 2016, PC Karl Wood and PC Moore were alerted to a man threatening his father with knives, a chainsaw and an axe, in Camelford. The offender then went into the street where he encountered an off duty PCSO and made threats to ‘cut a police officer in half’.

PCs Wood and Moore drove to the scene and found the offender wielding the chainsaw and holding an axe above his head. They put distance between themselves and the man and called for assistance. PC Moore stepped out of the police van and drew his Taser, using the vehicle’s door as a shield. As the man charged forwards shouting 'I'm going to rip you open', PC Moore discharged the Taser causing him to fall backwards.

After a second discharge the officers were able to disarm the offender, who was taken to hospital before being taken to custody. Both officers received a Chief Superintendents’ Commendation.

Chair of Devon and Cornwall Police Federation, Janice Adam, said: “The quick thinking and heroic actions of the officers resulted in the safe detention and arrest of a dangerous offender. Their courageous actions represent the very best of the police service.”

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