Met 3 - saved child from frozen pond

Met Police PC Emma Benet and PC Marcus Sinkinson

PC Emma Benet and PC Marcus Sinkinson

Two Metropolitan Police officers who saved a child from drowning in a frozen pond have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

On the afternoon of 23 January 2017, PC Emma Benet, a probationary officer still in her basic training stage, was off-duty walking her dogs in Sutcliffe Park. She saw a boy aged about 12 standing on the ice of a pond and trying to save a dog from the water. Before she could warn him of the danger, he fell through the ice up to his neck and immediately started to shout for help. PC Benet told her partner to call the emergency services and she started over the ice towards the child. She tried to reach him with a stick but his body was too frozen to move.

PC Benet grabbed the boy’s hand but the ice broke and she fell into the water too. Her feet could not touch the bottom and climbing back on to the ice was impossible. She decided to break the ice with her hands and arms to create a path and told the boy to follow her.

PC Marcus Sinkinson arrived at that moment, took off his equipment and jumped into the water. The officer had to swim to reach the boy and, placing him over his shoulder, swam him back to the bank. Meanwhile PC Benet had been pulled out of the water by her partner and the dog reached safety also. The boy was taken to Lewisham Hospital and released later without injury. PC Sinkinson suffered minor burns to his arms from the ice, but remained on full duties.

Ken Marsh, Chair of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “PC Sinkinson and PC Benet showed immense bravery and determination, putting their lives at risk to rescue the boy.”

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