Surrey - river rescue

Surrey PC Erin Bowditch and PC Rachel Upton

PC Erin Bowditch (left) and PC Rachel Upton

Two Surrey PCs who jumped into a river to save a vulnerable woman have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

PCs Erin Bowditch and Rachel Upton were searching near to the River Wey for a missing patient from the Royal Surrey County Hospital when the control room alerted them that she was nearby.

The officers approached the area where she had been spotted trying to hide from the police, but in her desperation to escape, she jumped into the river.

The two officers carried out a swift risk assessment and, despite the knowledge that just a quarter of a mile away a week earlier, a man had fallen into the river while kayaking and his body had not been found, they decided to jump in to try and save the woman.

Their combined efforts helped to pull her out of the water and she was returned to the hospital to continue her treatment.

Nominating the pair for the award, Surrey Police Federation Chair Mel Warnes said: “The two officers made a quick and brave decision which helped to save this woman’s life.

“The knowledge of the tragic incident just a quarter of a mile upstream will have heightened their awareness of the dangers they faced, but they still went ahead and made the decision to rescue this woman who needed treatment for mental health issues.”

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