Herts - thwarted knifeman

Hertfordshire PC Carl Callan

PC Carl Callan

Unarmed Hertfordshire police officer who thwarted a knifeman has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

Numerous calls had been made about an aggressive man who was armed with a knife and trying to gain entry to a building in St Albans. The incident was deemed a firearms incident and unarmed officers – like PC Carl Callan – were told only to intervene if they deemed life to be at risk.

When PC Callan located the man, he was attacking members of the public – there had been an attempt to stab one in the chest but the thickness of their jacket had meant they only suffered superficial injuries.

PC Callan feared for the life of innocent members of the public and ran to assist one being attacked – his arrival took the offender’s attention away from the public and on to the officer. He then challenged the man and was able to get him on the floor and detain him, with assistance from members of the public.

Other officers then arrived to help secure the man and located a number of knives on him.

Nominating him for the award, Hertfordshire Police Federation Secretary, Vojislav Mihailovic said: “Without the immediate intervention of PC Callan it is truly believed that many more members of the public would have suffered serious or possibly fatal injuries. PC Callan was unarmed other than his PPE equipment and showed little regard for his own safety but felt that immediate intervention was the only and necessary action to apprehend the man.

“PC Callan knew the threat and risk posed to him but nonetheless tackled the offender.  This was outstanding bravery and he used his training and experience to excellent effect. It is without doubt the fact that PC Callan prevented the serious injury, or death, of members of the public or indeed of the offender himself as armed firearms officers were on route and with the threat and risk posed, deadly force may well have had to be used.”

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