Warwicks - saved suicidal man

Warwickshire Sgt Carl Beaumont

Sgt Carl Beaumont

A Warwickshire officer who saved the life of a suicidal man has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

Sergeant Carl Beaumont was first on the scene at a gantry over the busy M6 motorway where a man was sitting on the vehicle messaging board and threatening to take his own life by jumping into the path of the traffic below.

Immediately concerned for the man’s safety, and that of other road users, Sergeant Beaumont, who is 18 years in service, put a rolling closure in place. He engaged with the man and began developing a rapport. His task was made more difficult by the traffic noise on the opposite carriage way and some motorists shouting obscenities at the man and goading him to jump.

The easy option would have been for Sergeant Beaumont to contain the situation and wait for a trained negotiator. Instead he made the decision to climb the gantry. Once there he negotiated with the man for some 35 minutes and eventually won his trust and confidence. The man came down from the gantry and gave the officer a hug.

Sergeant Beaumont made sure an ambulance was on standby and that the suicidal man received appropriate medical attention. The man was later sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Simon Payne, Chairman of Warwickshire Police Federation said: “Carl should rightly be commended for his courage and bravery in putting his own safety aside and placing himself on the gantry. He showed excellent negotiation skills and a caring attitude which resulted in a safe resolution to a life threatening situation.”

Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police, Martin Jelley, added: “Carl's actions exemplify our force's ambition at being great at protecting the most vulnerable, by displaying courage and commitment in bringing this incident to a safe conclusion. As well as assisting this individual, Carl's actions prevented a major motorway network being closed for a prolonged period of time.”

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