West Mercia - tackled petrol-doused man

West Mercia PC Steven Bloomer and PC Philip Parke

PC Steven Bloomer (left) and PC Philip Parke

Two West Mercia officers who tackled a man who had doused himself in petrol have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

PC Philip Parke and PC Steven Bloomer of West Mercia Police braved the risk of being set on fire in order to rescue a woman from her violent ex-husband.

The officers went to an address in Telford on 25 March 2015 where a woman’s screams had been heard. They discovered the suspect inside, armed with a can of petrol. He had doused himself and his victim and was threatening to burn the house down.

PC Bloomer rushed to the man, preventing him from striking a match and released the woman from his grip. PC Parke sprayed him with PAVA and, after a violent struggle, the two officers managed to subdue him. Both officers suffered minor cuts and chemical burns that required hospital treatment and the female victim had suffered significant chemical burns.

It transpired her ex-husband was on bail for raping her. He later pleaded guilty and was convicted for attempted murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Chair of the West Mercia Police Federation, Russ Yeomans, said: “These officers showed supreme courage in tackling this man, knowing full well that petrol could have ignited at any moment. The victim said later that there is no doubt in her mind that she would have been killed had they not arrived when they did.”

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