Suffolk - chased armed man

Suffolk PC Nikki Holley

PC Nikki Holley

A Suffolk officer in meat cleaver chase has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

PC Nikki Holley was called to an incident in Ipswich in November 2014 where a drunken man was kicking doors in a street. Shortly after the officer’s arrival, things turned up a notch when he was confronted by the offender, who was in the middle of the road brandishing the meat cleaver and threatening to kill a woman in one of the houses.

PC Holley not only had to deal with the risk to the woman – who had called the police – but also a number of members of the public in the street. He called for backup and challenged the man, who refused to comply and ran off. PC Holley gave chase, and managed to catch up with him.

With little regard for his own safety, he detained him, utilising his training and experience, giving loud verbal commands and an overt display of PAVA – but the man put up one last fight before eventually following the instructions and dropping his weapon.

PC Holley was not done yet though – he also produced, together with colleagues, a high quality handover for CID, resulting in the man being remanded in custody charged with threats to kill and possession of an offensive weapon.

Darren Harris, Chair, Suffolk Police Federation, nominated PC Holley for a Police Bravery Award, and said: “This was a horrific situation that could have ended in tragedy.  PC Holley willingly ran towards clear danger, intent on apprehending the offender, with no thought for his own safety.  His heroic actions, composure and professionalism to continue with gathering evidence after narrowly avoiding serious injury or death deserves the highest recognition.”

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