Norfolk - saved suicidal girl

Norfolk PC Jo Jermy

PC Jo Jermy

Norfolk police officer who helped save a teenage girl on a flyover has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

PC Jo Jermy had to climb over the railings onto the ledge to cling on to the girl for more than 10 minutes in what was clearly a life or death situation.  He and his colleague came across the 15-year-old on the flyover which carries the A47 dual carriageway over the A1075 in Dereham and a railway line some 20 feet below.

The girl, who was epileptic, had climbed over the barrier and was standing on a ledge. The officers arranged for the traffic below to be stopped, but PC Jermy saw the girl’s mood had changed. She was stating she wanted to be with her deceased mother, slumped down and appeared to be lapsing in and out of consciousness.

Sensing that there was not time to wait for assistance, he ran up the embankment, on to the ledge and shimmied along to the girl and pinned her to the barrier, clinging on to the fencing behind her with his fingertips to prevent her from falling.

He held this position for ten minutes, when he was joined by Duncan Barrow from the fire brigade, who helped PC Jermy keep her safe until the fire service were able to erect ladders and ropes to bring the pair down safely. The girl was taken to hospital and then placed in a secure home for her safety and recovery.

PC Jermy’s supervisor said: “It was clear he had acted to save life and limb without regard for his own safety but upon reflection he realised the danger that he had put himself in to aid another and he was shaken by the incident.

“I applaud his actions and this highlights the danger officers could face every day.”   

PC Jermy has already received a Chief Constables' Bravery Award and Norwich City FC’s KarePlus Community Hero award, while both he and Mr Barrow were also honoured by the Royal Humane Society.

Norfolk Police Federation Chair, Andy Symonds said:  “Without hesitation, PC Jermy put his life on the line by going out along the narrow ledge on the wrong side of the safety barrier to reach the girl. The combined efforts of this officer and the fire officer undoubtedly stopped what could have been a very tragic outcome – they are both worthy of the highest recognition.”

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