Notts - saved suicidal man from bridge

Nottinghamshire PC Lloyd Major

PC Lloyd Major

A Nottinghamshire officer who stopped a mentally-ill man from jumping off a bridge has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

On 20 December 2014, Derbyshire Police received a call from a suicidal teenage male who was on a bridge above a busy motorway road. The teen suffered from a history of mental illness and was struggling with family issues.

At the same time, off-duty PC Lloyd Major, of Nottinghamshire Police, was driving home from a day out with his partner and their daughter. Upon seeing the young male on the bridge, the officer left the A38 and drove to the bridge. He rang 999, leaving his partner on the phone with police as he went to speak to the teenager.

The man’s father also arrived on the scene as PC Major approached the teen, heightening emotions. Response officers had not arrived, so PC Major was dealing alone with the incident, trying to talk to both parties and keep things calm. At one point the young man jumped forward, letting go of the barrier. PC Major reacted quickly and was able to grab the teen around the body, and pull him back over the bridge barrier.

A violent struggle then began, and PC Major received some minor injuries as he tried to detain the man. The struggle was serious enough, that police later said they’d received multiple calls from the public who reported seeing two men fighting on a bridge. Shortly after, uniformed Derbyshire officers arrived and were able to assist and detained the man under the mental health act.

Dave Keen, Chair of Nottinghamshire Police Federation said: “It is examples like this that show that a police officer is never off-duty. PC Major has shown his true colours, seeing a young man in trouble, and going to his aid, without thought for his own safety.”

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