Durham - burning house rescue

PC Freeman (left) and PC Nixon

PC Freeman (left) and PC Nixon

Two Durham officers who rescued two intoxicated men from a burning house have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

PCs Alan Freeman and Philip Nixon, were on mobile patrol on 9 December 2015 and alerted to reports of a house fire in Consett, where occupants were trapped. Upon arrival, the property was well ablaze with a great deal of smoke billowing from the windows.

A man in the street told officers there were two men inside the property, refusing to come out. With the Fire Service not yet on the scene, the officers made their way to the back door. Despite obvious danger to themselves, and flames clearly visible from the doorway, PCs Freeman and Nixon went inside.

After shouting and receiving no response, they made out a man in the kitchen, shouting into the living room. A second man could be seen lying on the sofa – the flames and smoke putting him in immediate danger.

PC Freeman grabbed the first man and managed to drag him outside, while PC Nixon entered the smoke-filled living room to take hold of the man on the sofa. PC Freeman returned and assisted in getting the man outside and then entered the building for a third time to perform a final check for other occupants.

While outside, it became clear the two men were heavily intoxicated. The men and the officers, were treated for smoke inhalation and given oxygen.

Andy Jackson, Chair of Durham Police Federation said: β€œIt is clear that had PC Nixon and PC Freeman not entered the property, putting themselves in serious danger, those two men could likely have died. These officers showed the upmost professionalism and courage, fulfilling one of the primary duties of the office of constable – to protect life. They are hugely deserving of this nomination.”

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