Cleveland - aided stabbing victims

PC Jenkinson (left) and PC McGarry

PC Jenkinson (left) and PC McGarry

Two Cleveland police officers who went to the aid of a pair of stabbing victims have been put forward for a national Police Bravery Award.

On 2 December 2015, PCs Tom McGarry and John Jenkinson were called to a street in Billingham where a fight had taken place involving four men. The officers were immediately faced with two casualties who had received serious life threatening injuries and were bleeding heavily. One of the wounded men was drifting in and out of consciousness and slowly ebbing away. Urgent action was needed to save life and limb.

PCs McGarry and Jenkinson rushed towards the chaotic scene with first aid kits in hand and took control. They realised the man lying on the floor had been stabbed in the chest and the second in the abdomen. They quickly triaged the casualties and secured an Air Ambulance and regular ambulance to attend.

PC McGarry used sterile pads and dressings to cover the open heart wound, applying direct pressure to stem the blood flow whilst at the same time talking to the casualty, trying to keep him in a conscious state. Undoubtedly his quick thinking and actions kept the victim alive until paramedics arrived.

Meanwhile, PC Jenkinson attended to the victim who was bleeding from the abdomen. He quickly realised the wound was more serious than the victim believed and managed to get him to stay still so that he could apply pads and direct pressure to prevent blood loss.

On arrival at the hospital both men were rushed into emergency surgery. The first underwent multiple operations to save his life and the second had his spleen removed due to extensive internal bleeding. Hospital staff stated it was the effective early intervention of both officers that saved the lives of both men.

Cleveland Police Federation Chair, Andrea Breeze, said: “Even whilst desperately trying to save their lives the officers managed to ascertain the circumstances of this incident and locate the weapons used. Due to their quick thinking and actions, the lives of both men were saved and vital evidence was recovered. These actions are worthy of national recognition at the Police Bravery Awards.”

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