Merseyside - tackled armed man

Merseyside PC Thomas Griffiths

PC Thomas Griffiths

A Merseyside officer who single-handedly tackled an aggressive man armed with a knife and a bottle has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

PC Thomas Griffiths the first officer to arrive at the incident in March 2016, where a man was threatening his ex-partner’s family. On arrival, he found the man to be drunk, agitated and aggressive, with a kitchen knife with an eight-inch blade in one hand and a bottle of whisky in the other.

When the officer got out of his car, the man – who was also threatening members of the public nearby – charged at PC Griffiths and threatened to kill him. The PC initially got back into his vehicle, but when the assailant began threatening those in another car, he bravely got back out of his van and took immediate action.

He approached the man and tried to diffuse the situation by talking to him and putting the focus on himself, but when the man briefly became distracted, PC Griffiths swooped in to disarm him. During a violent struggle, the officer suffered a number of injuries to his hand, torso and limbs, but managed to disarm the man and in the face of more violence and threats, pinned him against his police van and handcuffed him, just before backup arrived.

Merseyside Police Federation Chair Pete Singleton hailed the officer for his actions as he nominated him for the national award: “Constable Griffiths showed great courage and bravery in deliberately placing himself in harm’s way to protect the public.  He was composed yet in an extremely trying and dangerous situation, calmly made decisions and taking decisive action, which prevented a dangerous and unstable individual from seriously harming, or even killing, innocent members of the public.

“The members of the public at the scene, including the victim, expressed how brave Tom had been, and how his actions were a credit to both him and the force.”

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