Case Study: Kent DC Emily Hooper

DC Emily Hooper remains proud to be a detective and would still choose that path despite the pressures of the job.

It is thanks to the commitment of the Kent officer and others like her that investigative policing stays afloat in spite of a reduction in officers, intense scrutiny and rising workloads.

She says: “I joined the police knowing that I wanted to be a detective within child protection and it’s still a role that I’m passionate about. I feel proud to be in a job where I can make a difference and seek the truth.

“At a time of austerity we have higher workloads and there are fewer and fewer experienced detectives within my role. There has been a lot in the media about where police have got things wrong and we need to overcome that public perception and regain the trust of victims.”

DC Hooper feels the job would be better if she had more time to complete investigations and analyse the evidence. She adds: “If we had more detectives to carry the workload that would help.”

She feels the role of the detective is integral to ensuring the criminal justice works properly, as they are involved with a case from the beginning all the way to the trial stage and they assist counsel.

DC Hooper says: “Our role underpins everything that is important in seeking the truth and to ultimately get justice. Even with all the difficulties we’ve faced over recent years I would still have taken the same path.

It’s a job I’m immensely proud of and something that I enjoy doing still."

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