Case Study: Kent DC Les Bingham

DC Les Bingham

The detective role has become more pressurised, more demanding technologically and there’s more paperwork than ever, says DC Les Bingham.

A Kent officer of 15 years’ service he feels the role is one of the more important in policing. “We deal with the case from the beginning to the end and beyond,” he explains.

“A case is never completely finished even after it goes to court. I still have contact with victims and their families from cases.”

For the last decade DC Bingham has been involved in murder cases. He adds: “The role has changed as it is more technological and you have to get it right and there is the ‘do it once’ approach. It can be quite pressurised because of this. You also have to be on top of your paperwork and be accountable for everything, which is having an impact on everyone.”

He believes the victims of crime may not be getting the level of service they once had due to the volume of work that CID are juggling. It inevitably means less time to spend on each case. This is why the phrase DC Bingham uses to describe the current state of investigative policing is “over-loaded”.

He wants to see trainee detectives helped to prioritise and organise better and for more work to be done around disclosure as this is causing stress.

He feels that detectives no longer get the recognition their work deserves in terms of remuneration, there is only the personal satisfaction of doing a job well and securing a conviction.

He adds: “There used to be bonuses, but not anymore. To qualify can take up to two years and must be done in your own time."

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