Case Study: Former Cleveland Police DC Phil Dawson

Phil Dawson, a former Cleveland Detective Constable of 27 years service, says investigative policing is now “understaffed, overworked, undervalued”.

He feels the role has reached crisis point and feels“massively under pressure” due to a reduction in manpower. It means victims of crime are inevitably not getting the attention they deserve because of the amount of work the detective has.

DC Dawson explains: “They may be dealing with one sexual offence but then have another five or six serious offences to investigate as well. So they don’t have time to spend with that individual victim and  give them the service that they do deserve.

“One word I would use to describe the current state of investigative policing is crisis. To sum up how I feel about the job at the moment, I would say I am under pressure. The only thing that can be done to make the job better would be to increase the number of officers. I feel the detective has been devalued for several years and the senior ranks seem to put all the resources into frontline policing, i.e. uniform and local beats.”

He adds: “I’ve enjoyed my role as a detective over the last 27 years but we are massively under-strength, understaffed and undervalued and we are in crisis at the moment.”

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