Case Study: Workplace rep Jill Atkinson (Warwickshire)

PC Jill Atkinson was helped through a difficult patch by her Federation rep and it inspired her to do the same for others.

The Warwickshire officer has 26 years in service and has worked in the dog handling section since 2009. She believes that being a frontline officer as well as a Federation rep helps her to relate to her colleagues and vice versa.

“Being on the frontline and working on the dog section like I do, helps me to represent my colleagues - for example if there are issues with the uniform or equipment. I also wear that kit and I know the problems,” Jill says.

She is also able to be an authentic voice for frontline officers at meetings of her local branch board. Jill explains: “When I was going through difficulties at work I was very fortunate to have the support of a Federation rep. I was grateful to have that person there for me.”

As a rep Jill values the opportunity to stand up for what matters and to do the right thing by her colleagues.

She explains: “If I can be there when someone’s having a difficult time, or need an ear or some impartial advice, that’s what being a rep is about - offering support to colleagues
when they need it most.

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