Case Study: Workplace rep Lucy Sewell (Warwickshire)

Warwickshire’s Inspector Lucy Sewell is a great believer in challenging traditional gender roles that exist in policing. That’s what led her into a role in roads policing and firearms and to put herself forward to be a Federation rep.

She says: “I am an officer with 24 years’ service. It’s hard to get women into departments like roads policing and always has been. Some don’t want to do it, but some just need nurturing and encouragement.”

As a Fed rep Lucy feels able to take forward a female perspective, for example having input into ballistic body armour vests for women.

“Little things can make a significant difference to officers’ lives and environment, so anything I can do to support others is important and rewarding,” she says.

The Federation gives reps the knowledge and the confidence to recognise issues and raise them. Lucy also believes it opens up officers to a greater understanding of policing as an organisation and provides reps with extra tools on their belt.

“I’d encourage others to become a rep,” continues Lucy. “As an inspector it’s helped my negotiating skills but even at PC rank the extra training that you get gives you confidence to go forward and make representations. Holistically you become a more rounded officer.”

If you think women are under-represented in the Federation, then why not encourage a female colleague to stand as a rep?

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