Case Study: Workplace rep Bal Gill (Warwickshire)

The Federation always strives to reflect its membership and needs more black and ethnic minority (BME) officers to stand at the forthcoming elections.

One officer, who accepted the challenge of joining the Federation and making a difference, is DC Bal Gill from Warwickshire Police.  He explains: “I became a Federation rep for two reasons, firstly to find out where my subs were going, and second to have a BME member on the board.”

Bal is primarily involved in representing detectives and their issues. He is also an equality rep, helping to prevent and address discrimination – whether on grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation, faith, ability or for other reasons – wherever it arises in policing.

He says: “I would strongly recommend others to join the Federation, especially BME officers. The Federation and the police service have changed so much – it’s so dynamic now. We need individuals there to represent them.”What’s in it for officers to become a rep? It’s very rewarding, says Bal.

“It’s about having the opportunity to represent other officers, who perhaps don’t feel empowered to be able to come forward and approach management with issues they may have. I find satisfaction in being able to do that.”

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