Case Study: Workplace rep Rebecca Smith (Derbyshire)

Rebecca Smith

Have you had tough times in the job but come through the other side? If so, then becoming a Federation Representative could be a way to use that experience positively to help others.

PC Rebecca Smith may have lost her job with Derbyshire Police if not for the Federation, and now she wants to give something back. She explains: “When I first joined the force I had some issues around a blood condition that they were aware of when I applied for the job. Once I became a probationer they decided that they didn’t like the medication I was on, they didn’t like the medical problem and, basically, they wanted to get rid of me!

“The Federation supported me through that and backed me up. I got to keep my job. Now I want to help people that may be going through similar situations.”

Rebecca has been impressed by the opportunities to learn and develop as a rep: “There’s so much information you’ll never learn everything, but luckily there are lots of people you can ask. I’ve been doing it a year so far and it’s been really, really good – really interesting.”

Having been helped by the Federation, Rebecca knows first-hand that good reps can make a difference.

She adds: “I’ll keep going with this, keep learning and maybe become a lead on something or maybe become a full time Fed Rep one day, who knows?”

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