Case Study: Workplace rep Habib Rehman (Kent)

Habib Rehman

It’s often not until a police officer is in trouble, perhaps facing a misconduct allegation, that the value of the Federation becomes clear. In these situations a good rep can make all the difference.

PC Habib Rehman, from the Kent force, made up his mind to become a rep after seeing how the Federation assisted one of his colleagues in a tricky spot.

He recalls that: “One of my team members was involved in a situation and needed the help of his Police Federation representative. Had that rep not been there to defend him then he probably would have lost his job. That gave me an insight into how important a Fed Rep is, as before that I didn’t quite realise the value of the Federation.”

So when the rep at his station was moving on and encouraged Habib to take over the role, he was happy to step up. "A good rep supporting their members can make a huge difference and I hope that this is exactly what I will be,” he says.

He is encouraged by the training he has received since becoming a rep. “The courses are awesome and there’s a lot of support for you and resources that you can tap into if you don’t know an answer.

“It’s also an opportunity to work with officers from other forces and ranks to share knowledge and experience. And it’s a good way of making new friends as well.”

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