Case Study: Workplace rep John McDonald (Thames Valley)

John McDonald

Suppose you became a Federation Rep, what would you get out of it? Well, enhanced knowledge and skills for one thing. Added repect from your peers. It could also make you a better police officer.

This is a view which is supported by John McDonald, a patrol inspector with Thames Valley Police. He made the decision to become a Fed Rep after reaching 25 years of service and feeling he had a lot of knowledge and experience to impart.

“I wanted to make a difference for other officers but I also find that being a Fed Rep makes me a better inspector,” he says. “It means that I’m able to get involved in at a far earlier stage when it comes to policy decisions. I can stop officers being unfairly treated in the first place.

John is impressed with the training he has received to date which he describes as “far superior to anything the force provides”.

It’s also been an opportunity to expand his knowledge of policing by learning from colleagues from other forces.

He adds: “I’m working with people from all over the country and, actually, just discovering how different the various police forces are. Their different approaches has been an eye opener.”

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