Case Study: Workplace rep Mark Hambling (West Midlands)

Mark Hambling

Becoming a Federation Representative will expand your horizons. You get superb training and exposure to new thinking, but it also brings the satisfaction of being able to help your colleagues.

This is the experience of Mark Hambling, an inspector with the West Midlands force. He says: “I have a lot of service – coming up to 30 years – and I actually gain more satisfaction from helping colleagues than from my work as a police officer.

“It’s a more humanistic kind of helping. Whilst you’re used to helping members of the public, on this occasion [as a rep] you’re helping your colleagues and those closest to you. In a selfish fashion I feel I get more from helping those I work with and that I’ve got a particular relationship with.

“The role gives me a chance to use the knowledge and skills I’ve got to hopefully make colleagues feel better about what they do, enhance their welfare and health as well as doing the job properly.”

Mark says the training and courses he has received as a Fed Rep has been “amazing”, but equally enlightening has been the chance to speak to reps from diverse backgrounds to his own. He adds: “In any walk of life you can’t beat that. I’ve had a chance to learn from officers of different cultures, backgrounds, organisations and who police different communities.

“These are things you wouldn’t be exposed to unless you were a Fed Rep.”

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