Case Study: National rep Vicki Martin (Durham)

Vicki Martin

Becoming a Federation Rep needn’t stop you moving up the career ladder – as Chief Insp Vicki Martin can testify.

The Durham officer became a local rep while working as a sergeant and eventually became a national representative, representing the north-east region on the PFEW Interim National Board.

Vicki said: “I’d never considered becoming a rep until a colleague approached me because he’d done the role and was about to move on. I asked him a few questions, and I did it. I’ve always found it really rewarding. I learned how to deal with people better and it’s also helped me build my relationships, throughout my own force and nationally.

“You speak to people who want advice or want you to represent them, or you might speak to a chief who is on the other side but are still Federation ranks as well. If you do your job well it helps you develop because the bosses can see what you can do and that you want to help others.”

Vicki’s career as a rep has given her many proud moments. She helped bring police charities together under one umbrella organisation - something many said was an impossible task.

She also challenged the culture of forces who were refusing to recruit applicants with tattoos.

Vicki said: “We took a pragmatic approach and if we achieve a standard across all forces, I will be really proud."

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