Case Study: National rep Sam Roberts (North Wales)

Federation elections are coming and we need more women to stand to be reps for their forces to ensure their voices are heard.

Sam Roberts, a member of the Interim National Board and chair of the Women’s Reserve, says: “I have been a rep for almost 20 years. I chose to represent women, not because I am anti-men or thought it would be an easier option, but because I could see that women were not treated fairly. I have never regretted that decision for a moment."

Around 28% of officers are female but only 11% of Federation reps are women. Only three out of 40 Federation branch chairs are women.

Sam adds: “I do not for a minute suggest that men are not representing the views of women, but I think women have issues that they would feel more comfortable discussing with a female rep: menopause, sexual discrimination, post-natal depression, to name just a few. There are excellent female officers out there, 38,000 to be precise, who need their voices to be heard. The PFEW needs to be representative at local and national level.

“We all want what is best for officers in the organisation, for them to be treated fairly and for someone to be there for them when they are not.

“So ladies (and gents), help us to encourage female officers to stand for election as fed reps. I want to see the new-look PFEW looking like those it represents.

“And if there are any ladies out there looking to join PFEW - make a stand by standing.”

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