Case Study: Member Mark Walsh (Northants)

Mark Walsh went from fearing for his career to becoming Police Officer of the Year – thanks in part to his Federation Rep.

The Northamptonshire PC was facing a gross misconduct charge over an allegation of excessive use of force.

The complainant had bitten PC Walsh and his colleague and then claimed he was HIV positive which put a huge strain on the officer’s personal life.

PC Walsh turned to his Federation rep Colin Carr, and received invaluable assistance.

“Colin was absolutely outstanding throughout,” Mark said. “He was very supportive, gave plenty of sound advice, and would regularly check up on me. The whole case made me so angry and I could vent off at him. It was clear he was an officer who had been in the same shoes that I was now in, so I knew he could understand.

"I would sit up at night panicking that I would lose my job, home, and my family due to the stress of it all. Colin slowed things down for me, and after his research, he challenged the Professional Standards Department. As a result of this, I was commended for my actions and awarded Northants Police Officer of the Year 2017. The whole experience has damaged my confidence in the job and in doing the job, without Colin’s help and support, I dread to think what could have occurred.”

PC Walsh was diagnosed with anxiety, and suffered other illnesses during the 12 months he was investigation, and for him the experience he has had proves the worth of the Federation. I served 16 years in the Army, 11 years currently in Northants Police and I have at least another 14 years to serve,” he added.

“I hope I don’t need the Fed Services again, but the help received from Colin is worth every penny I paid in, and will keep paying in.”

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