Case Study: Member Jamie Congreve (South Yorks)

Facing a complaint after he attended a complicated domestic incident, PC Jamie Congreve was encouraged by his Fed rep that honesty would be the best policy.

And it proved so, as PC Congreve was able to carry on his career after earlier fearing that his job was on the line.

He said: “When it all started, I spoke a couple of people on my team and they told me I should go to the Fed. My Inspector recommended Paul Aspinall to me.

“Paul definitely knew he stuff and was very level-headed. I wanted someone who knew the system and that’s what I got. It was like having a second solicitor with me – and it was good to have his guidance.

“Paul told me that I should just be honest, show total transparency and show that I’d learned from any mistakes I feel I may have made. That relieved a lot of stress. We’d told them everything and been honest from the outset, so if they wanted to discipline us for that it was down to them.

“Paul was realistic with his predictions. It seemed like we were up against it at the time but for whatever reason it worked out and I’m still sat here now.”

It was a difficult time for the South Yorkshire officer, but thanks to the support from his rep, he was able to stay focused on the task at hand and keep his cool.

“There was no judgement from Paul. In any job there are ways you can do things and things you shouldn’t have done. Paul just told me to be honest, show total transparency and to show that I’d learned from the mistakes. Without people like Paul, it could be so difficult. I was on restricted duties and I think I was let down initially.

“It’s a tough time, you fear that you’re going to lose your job and it is very stressful.There are times you consider just walking away. It’s good to know someone was there.”

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