Case Study: Member and rep Andy Morris (Surrey)

Andy Morris

Having served in three forces, become an inspector and a Federation rep – there is no doubt that Andy Morris has enjoyed a varied and successful career in policing.

But it could all have been so different. As a Metropolitan Police cadet in the late 80s he found his future in the force at risk.

Andy explained: “I came from the Valleys, I was young, naïve, trusting of everybody and wanting to help everybody. It was questioned whether or not the police was the right job for me because I was too nice.

“It was difficult, I had no family and it was a case of who could I turn to? No bloke wants to admit to failure.”

Things turned around thanks to a Federation rep who to this day Insp Morris describes as a “legend”.

“The Federation reassured me it wasn’t my fault, just a case of ‘this is what’s required’. They gave me help and guidance, they had my back and were able to provide me with support in my darkest hour.

“The rep set up a balanced meeting with my superintendent and that meeting really turned the tide.

“Here we are 30 years later and I’m an Inspector. So yes, this was the career for me – but if it hadn’t been for the Federation, I wouldn’t have been able to get on and do the good things I’ve done.”

In 2015 Insp Morris became a Federation rep himself. He says: “I’ve been able to call on my experiences and empathise when people are having a hard time.”

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