Case study: South Wales - beaten up by gang

DS James Dowler of South Wales Police shortly after he was attackedSergeant James Dowler had his eye gouged and suffered a broken nose when he was set upon by a group who were intent on stopping him making an arrest.

The officer was driving back from a routine bail check when he saw a car that he thought had broken down. As he went to assist, the driver jumped out and made a run for it.

Thinking he must have something to hide, DS Dowler sprinted after him.

He said: “As we were struggling on the ground four others got out of the car and surrounded me. They were shouting and swearing, then started kicking and hitting me. The scariest part was that they threw my radio away so I had no idea if help was coming.”

A woman leapt on the officer’s back and gouged at his eyes. He was forced to let go of the driver, who then fled. DS Dowler was then punched in the face by a younger member of the group. His nose was broken and the blow aggravated a cheek bone injury.

Thankfully other officers quickly arrived. The suspects fled but were eventually apprehended. The younger man and the woman were each jailed for two years but the driver walked free due to time spent on curfew while awaiting trial.

DS Dowler said the attack had hugely affected his wife who was shocked that a police officer could be attacked on duty like this. He believes body worn video (BWV) may have deterred his attackers or resulted in tougher sentences.

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