Case study: Nottinghamshire - suspected hand fracture

Notts Assault James Oliver

Sgt James Oliver from Nottinghamshire Police

Sergeant James Oliver suffered a suspected fracture to his hand and injuries to his elbows, abdomen and head, while tackling a trio of car thieves.

The Nottinghamshire officer and his colleague, PC Dean Fenton, had just clocked off their shift when they spotted three men trying to start a car with screwdrivers.

As the trio made a run for it, the officers split up and gave chase, but as Sgt Oliver recovered some stolen property, he was attacked by the suspects and suffered a catalogue of injuries.

As he fought them off, PC Fenton sprung into action to arrest the main offender of the three as he ran into the bushes.

Sgt Oliver returned to the station for a comprehensive handover before heading to hospital for treatment. This finished at 10am and both officers returned to work the same day for another night shift.
Their chief superintendent said: "This dedication to duty and their bravery epitomises everything we want to see in our officers.

"They went above and beyond the call of duty, in a dangerous and unpredictable situation, without any protective equipment, and their determination saw two men arrested and put before the court for their crimes."

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