Case study: Cambridgeshire - sliced with a Stanley knife

PC Pete Moulton

PC Pete Moulton from Cambridgeshire Police

Two brave police officers were attacked by a man armed with a Stanley knife and garden tools, described as having ‘superhuman strength’.

Cambridgeshire’s PC Pete Moulton and PC Janine Hagger were called by the family of a mentally ill man who had attacked his mother and fled. When they confronted him he refused to give up a knife he was carrying and seemed impervious to PAVA spray.
He lunged at PC Moulton, inflicting a 6cm wound to the officer’s neck. PC Hagger was also punched and kicked and received a cut to the hand as she attempted to wrestle the knife away. PC Moulton was also bitten.

The officers fended their attacker off with garden furniture for several minutes while they waited for back-up. The man came at them with a garden fork and armed himself with a saw and shears.

As reinforcements arrived the man fled to a nearby property and held the saw to the throat of a member of the public. Police deployed Taser on him but he broke free. Eventually he was overcome and sedated later at hospital.

PCs Hagger and Moulton were left injured and exhausted by the ordeal. They went on to win a Police Bravery Award for their actions.


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