Have you been assaulted on duty?

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Please ensure you report all assaults through your force and speak to your supervisors about support you may need.  Unfortunately, officers often do not bother reporting or recording the incident and/or feel they are not taken seriously.  However almost every police force in England and Wales has now signed up to an assaults pledge or agreement showing that they take the matter of police assaults seriously.

Pledges generally cover:

  • Reporting and recording the incident properly
  • Improved training
  • A commitment to treating and investigating assaults on police officers and staff as seriously as an assault on a member of the public
  • Keeping the officer informed and updated
  • Providing support and welfare
  • Giving sufficient evidence – as a result of poor evidence or personal statements, cases sent for prosecution too often fail to meet basic evidential needs.

Something that has an impact upon the sentencing process is to ensure you submit a Victim Personal Statement to the court for consideration.  Without such a document it is easy for busy courts to take the mistaken view that officers expect and should routinely deal with assaults as part of their job.

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