There is a wealth of expertise and much work being done throughout the Federation network to represent approximately 120,000 officers (97% of all rank and file), benefiting not only members but the police service as a whole.

Much of this work is largely unreported - Reps@Work was launched as a platform to showcase the good work being done by Federation reps, each and every day – locally and nationally – on behalf of our members.  This is particularly important as we approach the next triennial election process.

Reps@Work aims to:

  • highlight the skills and experience of reps throughout the country
  • share personal stories of how the Federation has helped officers in times of need
  • build confidence in the Federation network and the value of being a member
  • encourage more officers to get involved and come forward to stand for election.


Reps@Work collateral:

Member rep case studies

National rep case studies

Workplace rep case studies

If you want to get involved in the campaign, please email