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Reps@Work aims to:

  • highlight the skills and experience of reps throughout the country
  • share personal stories of how the Federation has helped officers in times of need
  • build confidence in the Federation network and the value of being a member
  • encourage more officers to get involved and come forward to stand for election.

In the video below, national rep Hayley Aley talks about her experiences as part of the Federation and why she believes all police officers should consider being a Fed rep:

How is my local Federation Branch structured?

Each of the 43 police forces has a Federation Branch Council made up of all the workplace reps for that force. From the Branch Council, a Branch Board is elected, including a Branch Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Find out more about these roles by reading the role descriptions below. Alternatively, contact your local Federation Branch to find out exactly how it is structured. 

For more information on the wider structure of the Federation, please take a look at our 'Structure'.

How do I find out more about being a rep?

If you are interested in standing for election as a rep, you can find out more on our 'Stand for election' page.

If you would like to find out more about being a Federation representative in your force, contact your local Federation Branch.

Support the campaign

There is a wealth of expertise and much work being done throughout the Federation network to represent approximately 123,000 officers (97% of all rank and file), benefitting not only members but the police service as a whole.

Much of this work is largely unreported - Reps@Work was launched as a platform to showcase the good work being done by approximately 1,500 Federation reps across England and Wales, each and every day – locally and nationally – on behalf of members.

If you would like to help us promote the work of our representatives, please email

Representative role descriptions

Below are examples of roles held within a Federation Branch - other roles include Equality Liaison, Health and Safety Liaison, Conduct and Performance Liaison, Post Incident Procedure lead and Professional Development lead.

Branch Chair
Branch Secretary
Branch Treasurer
Branch Workplace Representative

Find out more about the work of our reps by reading the case studies in the submenu.