Interim National Board

The current Interim National Board (INB), formally known as the Joint Central Committee (JCC), is made up of 30 regional representatives that are equally split by the three ranks we represent - so there are 10 constable reps, 10 sergeant reps and 10 inspector reps - forming separate rank committees as below.

However, the structure of the Federation is changing following the Independent Review, which states: 'Rank committees at local and national level should be removed from the governance and decision-making structure of the Federation.' Therefore, from 1 January 2018, separate rank committees within the national Police Federation as well as local Police Federations no longer officially exist in police regulations. They will be replaced following the election process which is due to be completed by the autumn.  

What does the INB do?

The INB is the policy-making body of the Federation and deals with all business affecting its members. The INB also elects the national Principal Officers: the Chair, General Secretary, Treasurer and their deputies.

Members of the INB form a number of sub-committees covering specialist areas of interest such as health and safety, legislation and professional standards.

Constables' Regional Representatives

Sergeants' Regional Representatives

Inspectors' Regional Representatives